Which instruments are taught?

Classical Guitar, Contemporary Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar, Drums and Percussion and tuned percussion, Piano / Keyboard, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Violin and Viola, Trumpet, Trombone and other brass, Theory and Singing, Musicianship and Songwriting.

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are only $40 per ½ hour.

How do I pay?

The Teacher's accept cash and cheques (Payable to The Learning Lounge) They also accept Credit Card either at reception or over the phone (there is a 1% surcharge for credit cards) EFTPOS and Direct Debit (there is no surcharge for these) We also accept Direct Deposit via Internet. Our account details are as follows

The Learning Lounge Teacher's Fund BSB # 032089 Account # 173077

How do I Enroll?

If you would like to enroll then please contact us on 9488-9970 during our business hours or use our "contact us" page to email us after you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions page.

Can I pay as I go?

Sorry, the teachers do not accept ‘pay as you go' payments! Families with multiple students or students doing more than 1 instrument have the option to pay with two payments (2nd payment due half way through the term) All other students must pay with one full payment. (At the teacher's discretion a late fee may also be charged if payment is made after the 'due by' date)

Does this include GST?   If the teacher you are taught by is registered for GST then yes, otherwise there is no GST charged.

How do the lessons work?

Lessons are usually one-on-one ½ hr weekly. Some teachers offer fortnightly or even weekly 1 hour lessons. The lessons are designed around each students individual needs and skill levels. In any teacher / student situation results will vary. For you to get the results you want you MUST PRACTICE and let the Teacher know of ANY concerns you have early in your tuition.!!!!!

How Long is a Term?

Public School Terms may vary in length due to Public Holidays.

Term Dates are listed on the Term Dates page (click here) Unfortunately, we do not re-enroll students who pull out half way through a Term - your commitment to your teacher is for a full Public School Term!

Can I keep my spot for the next Term?

If you want to re-enrol your time slot is not held automatically. To hold the same time slot when re-enrolling for a new term, we require a one lesson deposit . This non-refundable deposit pays for the 1st lesson of the following Term and commits you to attend for that term. It is payable before the current Term ends. If you don't pay a deposit then your Teacher will assume you are not returning and will offer your spot to any student who needs it - sorry, but Teachers will not hold a spot without a deposit being paid. Please understand a deposit is a part payment and a gesture in good faith to your teacher that you will attend the next term in full i.e. the deposit is NOT just paying for a lesson - it is to hold your lesson time for the next FULL TERM.

Are there lessons in the holidays?

Students wanting lessons over the school holidays are encouraged to discuss this with their teacher & make arrangements with them directly. The same rate applies for all holiday lessons and are payable through The Learning Lounge.

Can I do exams?

Please make sure you mention this when enquiring. Some teachers will put you through exams and all preparation for exams and payments for exams are conducted personally between the Student and the Teacher. The Learning Lounge is not responsible for anything to do with exams.

Is there an age limit?

All ages are welcome however some teachers do have a minimum starting age requirement.















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