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What is Practicing ? and print (PDF Format)

Why Practice ? and print (PDF Format)

When to Practice ! and print (PDF Format)

How Much Practice ! and print (PDF Format)

Practice Without Your Instrument ! and print (PDF Format)

Getting Out of a Playing Rut ! and print (PDF Format)

Seven Steps For Positive Practice Habits and print (PDF Format)

A Guide To Great Home Music Practice and print (PDF Format)

10 Easy Ways To Become A Better Guitar Player and print (PDF Format)

How to practice drums effectively and print (PDF Format)

How to rehearse your band and print (PDF Format)

How to start your own band and print (PDF Format)

For the Kids - Find the Instruments Word Search Game and print (PDF Format)

For the Kids - Colouring In Picture - The Lounge Lizard Band and print (PDF Format)

For the Kids - Colouring In Picture - The Learning Lounge's Lizard and print (PDF Format)

Chord Formulas Chart

Blank TAB Sheets, Chord Sheets etc

Blank TAB Sheets, Chord Sheets Left Hand etc

General Tips For Buying a Guitar (PDF Format)

Which Guitar To Learn On (PDF Format)

(PDF Format)

Hints For Buying a Second Hand Guitar (PDF Format)

Warming Up (PDF Format)

Using a Metronome (PDF Format)

Getting Rhythm (PDF Format)

Starting Your Own Band (PDF Format)

Developing Your Own Sound (PDF Format)

Guitar Strings

How can I achieve that 'chiming,' jangly rhythm guitar sound I
hear on old Byrds records from the 1960s (and from R.E.M. in the
1980s and 90s)?
(PDF Format)

I was looking in the guitar store the other day and I noticed
that some electric guitars have 22 frets and some have 24. Why do
they do this and what difference does it make?

I've just spent a reasonable amount on a new guitar. What should
I be doing to take care of it and what are some of the common
problems that I should look out for?

Often when I am reading about guitars on the internet I hear
about different parts of the guitar, can you give brief description
of the different parts of a guitar?

Remind me how to tune my guitar please.

What determines the 'sound' of a guitar?

My friend, who plays the guitar, said that I have a problem with
my intonation. What is intonation and how do I fix any problems I

What is pick sliding/scraping?

What's the deal with picks(plectrums)? Can I play an acoustic guitar with a
pick? Can I play an electric guitar without a pick?

When I play chords I always touch the strings that I should be
playing open. How can I avoid this?

How to buy a drum kit (PDF Format)

How to select drum sticks (PDF Format)

How to set up a drum kit (PDF Format)

How to stay on time as a drummer (PDF Format)

How to tune a drum kit (PDF Format)


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